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The game objective in Find the Ships Solitaire is to find all ships that are hidden on a field by pure logic and deduction. For each column and row in a puzzle, a number indicates how many fields in this line are occupied by ships.
The ships do not touch each other. Each ship is completely surrounded by water, except for when it's adjacent to land.

All puzzles start with a few squares already filled in to get you going. All puzzles have exactly one solution, and are solvable by logic. No guessing required.

The Playfield

The playfield consists out of a grid in which the ships are hidden. The content of some fields in the grid is already given to get you started. For each row and column in the field, it is indicated how many field elements are hidden in this respective line. Those numbers are black in case all elements in this line have been identified, blue in case one or more are missing, and red if there are too many ships placed in a line.

In the mid-section of the screen, you see what ships are hidden in the field. Ships that you have already located are displayed in black, ships that are yet to be found are shown in blue. If you have placed to many ships of one size on the field, the ships of the according size are displayed in red.

In the lower screen-section, you see the action buttons. You can place a ship element, water or empty space in the playfield via those buttons. You can mark an entire column or row as water with the according buttons. Use the undo button to undo a move.

How to fill the field
There are two ways to fill content into the playfield. The first way is to use you phone's trackball to move the cursor to the field you want to change, and then use the action buttons to fill the field. You can also change the content of a field by simply tapping on it. Tap on a field multiple times to change its content from empty to water to ship and back to empty. Preset fields can not be changed.

Depending on the size of your screen, you may find it easiest to tap on a field you want to change, and then use the action buttons to fill it. In this case, filling a field by tapping on it can be distracting. You can therefore disable this direct entry method via the games options.

Use your phone's menu button
You can access in-game options, as well as change the game settings via the game menu. To access it, simply press your phone's menu button.

Strategy 1

There are a couple of strategies to help you find the ships in Find the Ships - Solitaire. First of all, always fill in the obvious fields. All ships are completely surrounded by water. This means that you can place water next to the given ship-parts. E.g. in case you have found the lower end of a ship, you know that all of the fields surrounding this part are water. This goes with the exception of the field right above the lower end. This obviously has to be a ship-part. Likewise, this ship part can be surrounded with water.

Strategy 2

As a second strategy element, check the number of fields that are occupied by ships. For each line in the grid, Find the Ships - Solitaire shows you how many fields are occupied. If the numbers are blue, there are still ship elements to be found in the respective line. If you have located all ship elements in a line, those numbers turn black. If you mark to many fields as ship elements, the according numbers will show in red.
For lines where you have found all ship elements, i.e. where the number is displayed in black, you can mark all remaining empty fields as water.

Strategy 3

Another strategy is to check for lines where the number of fields that still have to be filled with ship-parts matches the number of still empty fields on those lines. This means that all empty fields in those lines can be filled with ship parts.

Strategy 4

Finally, check for the big ships. In the example below, the biggest ship with four elements still has to be located on the field. There is only one line in this field where four ship-elements can be hidden. In this column, we have identified two ship elements already. This means that those two elements must mark the start of the four element ship. We can thus place it accordingly.

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Find the Ships - Solitaire 2 V1.12
Find the Ships - Solitaire brings your favorite puzzle game to Android.

Find all ships hidden on a grid using pure logic and deduction. Embedded in a medieval story context this game will keep you entertained for hours.

A 30 level story mode, unlimited puzzles in free-play, tutorial for beginners, notification of wrong moves and much more. The hi-res graphics are designed to look optimal on all screen sizes, from small screen to tablet.

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